The Challenge of Personality: Myers-Briggs Test

Have you ever thought that your personality could prevent you from getting where you want to be?  Unfortunately, I have experienced this phenomenon first hand. Your personality type – what you do or do not say, your accent, how you handle yourself in certain situations, your body language, your style – could have a significant impact on how you are perceived by everyone around you. That is why every facet of the ability to lead yourself is so crucial to anyone who wants to make it to the executive level (that would be me).

Certain personality traits are pre-determined by genetics and are relatively stable throughout the lifetime. Unfortunately, they can stand in the way of more things than you can even imagine.  Depending on what you do, being aware of who you are can help you decide on the best way to find a perfect fit.     

Of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types I am a clear cut INTJ and have been since the very first time I took this test.  Every single sentence on the Quistic INTJ page is true about me.  I am a huge proponent of logic and common sense.  I have to know the logical reasoning behind every decision, and I always have one behind mine.  I am a perfectionist.  My standards are cut with precision of a laser(blade).  I put my job/work far ahead of my relationships, which is why I have so very few friends and no more husband.  True emotional connections are far and in between for me.  But if I do get lucky to find one, it is strong and bonding.  It does not crumble under a test of time or a lack of pestering.

However, I have no one to blame – the absence of connections is directly related to the fact that I am primarily interested in interacting with people who intellectually stimulate me.  Others have an emotionally draining effect on me simply due to the way I channel energy and process information.  Obviously, my personality is the reason why networking feels unnatural to me.  Although it is never my intention,  I know that I can be interpreted as standoffish or aloof.  It truly is a challenge of personality.  I am so abstractly intelligent that I express myself in such ways that most people simply don’t get me. To add to that, because I am foreign, my mind creates connections that don’t even occur to an average American.

 On the other hand, although small talk is mind-numbing to me, I have learned over the years that sometimes it is better to say something completely meaningless than to say nothing at all.  I admit – I have had to work long and hard at relating to other people.  My personality gave me plenty of learning opportunities – from strangers that get too close to me in line at the grocery store to settling on a team compromise to testing authority.  Lately, I have done really well at managing my work relationships.  Outside of work I mostly have to manage the attempts at “hit-and-run”, but I do best with attendants at Adidas outlet  stores.

In the end, you cannot be anyone but yourself.  You are the only one who knows when you function at your best, what you value, what motivates you, what style of authority you can deal with.  Is it worth it to change your personality to fit your work environment, or is it more important to pursue a job that is a perfect fit for you?

If you do get around to taking the Personality Type Test, be sure to let me know what makes you the beautifully amazing person that you are.



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