The Challenge of the Perfect Resume: LinkedIn

An interesting question came up during my research on what makes a perfect resume: Does anyone really need a resume in our social media obsessed world?  

Although originally I was very reluctant to get on the bandwagon, I found LinkedIn profile format – which displays projects after the actual job description –  to be fairly representative of my perfect resume idea.  To my disappointment, LinkedIn Resume Builder conveniently omits my projects all together, showcasing which is one of the goals I have for my resume.  To be fair it does have several professional looking templates that are suitable for many, who are not as complicated and inherently different as I am.

Frankly, I do appreciate the convenience of having something so effectively structured and easily accessible online.  For example, in my networking attempts I include the link to my LinkedIn profile instead of burdening the contact with having to open an attachment.  Another bonus is that it does not take up their valuable inbox real estate the way an attachment would.  However, at an interview it is best to have a hard copy of that elusive perfect resume.  There just doesn’t seem to be any other appropriate option.

I am a LinkedIn beginner as I have just created my profile in December, but there is a lot of expertise out there on how best utilize the site to your advantage.  “Living” resume is not the only task that LinkedIn is good at.  The site allows you to join groups and participate in discussions on topics that you are interested in.  Or topics that you are interested to learn more about.  On the Home feed it provides consolidated updates from influencers and latest news articles.   Personally, I absolutely adore the ability to give or receive recommendations.  Please do not hesitate to recommend me, if you’ve ever had the chance to work with me.

No one can deny that LinkedIn is now an established part of our social media obsessed world.  How professional you want to be about employing it is up to you.  There are many opportunities and threats that it fosters.  One thing to never lose a sight of – your profile can send mixed signals not only to a recruiter.



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