Infographics: Records Management

My super awesome sister got me hooked on infographics.  They serve as visual aids to help you get your point across.  Actually, an infographic is an interception of many related points and ideas  – data, networks, locations, etc.  It has an inherent ability to provide a ton information at a glance.

Right now I am working on updating the departmental website, including making sure that all the policies and procedures are still current and applicable. In addition, I have been doing some research on how we can modernize our practices and the website itself.  Since the latest infographics are so hip and appear to be technologically advanced, I decided that they might be an easy way to make sure we are staying in step with the times.

I have found a couple of interesting infographics below that may help you understand what a records management nerd like me does.

The Evolution from Records Management to Information Governance - Infographic

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