The Challenge of Appreciation

Ingratitude is the deadliest sin.  I know I don’t say those two words often enough.  But it is not because I am arrogant or audacious.  I think it is because I am selfish.  I get caught up in myself – my own perception of the world and what the world should be according to Olga.  That pattern of thinking rarely leads to anything good – I inadvertently end up taking things for granted.

Although I consciously try to make extra effort, I often catch myself on missed opportunities.   Since one thing I want to avoid is taking people for granted, I took the time today to say “thank you”.  

Thank you,…

I know I don’t express my appreciation enough.  Over the last two years, I have learned so much through working with you.  I have a clearer understanding of how the business works and a more comprehensive view of the “big picture”.  I have sharper project management skills. I am so much better at working with people.  In fact, I just realized that I am almost a completely different person than who I was when I first started this job.  I have grown and changed for the better.  I know I am not perfect, but I also know that you look out for me and I sincerely appreciate that. Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are and thank you for making the impact on my life.

It is the truth.  It is sincere.  It did not take me long to write it. I only hope it made a difference in my boss’s day.  If only a smile…



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