The Challenge of Personal Brand: What do you want to be famous for?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernhard Shaw

One of the most famous and earliest works on the topic of personal branding is Tom Peters’ article “The Brand Called You“.  It serves as a great starting point for exploring the idea of your own personal brand a little deeper.

The article raises several questions that help you define your brand, determine your value proposition, and help you write your brand statement.  The questions that you do not have an impressive answer for probably require more attention.   I made an attempt at my own self-assessment.     

What do you want to be famous for? 

  • I want to be famous for the quality of my work.
  • I want to be famous for solving puzzles and simply getting things done.
  • I want to be famous for tackling challenges.
  • I want to be famous for being resourceful and adaptable.
  • And of course, I want to famous for my high work ethics, integrity, and good judgment.

Honestly, I can’t pick just one thing.  All of those go hand in hand to me.  They are simply who I am and how I approach my work.  They combine into one whole to create an image that I want others to see, which is why I cannot separate them and pick an outlier.  Is it not possible to be famous for who I am and how I operate?

There are a couple of other skills that I want to be famous for, but I have not had enough opportunities to develop them yet.

  • I want to be famous for being a collaboration magnet – bringing people together and inspiring them to work in harmony towards common goal.
  • I want to be famous for my emotional intelligence.

Basically, I want to be famous for being an effective leader.  So my brand strategy includes identifying opportunities that will allow me to develop expertise in these areas and add the necessary skills and expertise to my personal brand toolbox.

What is that my product or service does that makes it different?

I strive to make people happy by delivering exceptional results.  It makes me happy to be able to give people exactly what they want.  Actually, I try to exceed their expectations.

Yes, it is important to do what you like to do and what you are an expert at. And currently, I am the enterprise subject matter expert in my “subject” (if only by default).  However, for me it is not all about “the what” or the process of “doing” (such as creating a report, updating record inventories, etc.), it is about the benefits, the value created by my efforts.  I want the results of my work to make people happy;  I want to make their lives easier; I want to make a difference; I want to create real tangible value.  That is what makes a difference in my life and ultimately makes me happy.

After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer.  Logically, a happy customer will have many happy things to say about you.  And that cannot be bad for my Net Promoter Score, right?



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