The Challenge of Teamwork: When and How To Let a Conflict Go

“Knowing when to fight is just as important as knowing how.” ― Terry Goodkin

One of my recommendations for the Team & Collaboration Panel was to provide some conflict resolution training for all team members. For example, we could have one of our team meetings dedicated to this topic – discuss different tips and technique, various approaches that we have used in the past, best practices, etc. HBR article below summarizes some very important aspects of conflict resolution.

As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, it is important to know when to walk away from a confrontation. The article states that your should not face the other person when:

  • emotions run high and, thus, there is a lack of rationality;
  • conversation will not solve anything.

In the case when confrontation is unavoidable, you should:

  • remain calm;
  • talk about the process, not content;
  • focus on interests.


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