The Challenge of Personal Brand: Your Digital Presence

“It is no longer about who you know; it is about who knows you.” – Brandon Maslan

I have a confession to make.  I am not a fan of social media.  I am not on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other site of the kind.  I am convinced that there are more than just the seven sins that it can be convicted of.  LinkedIn was the exception that I was willing to make to comply with the requirements of the 21st century concept of personal branding. 

This week I participated in a LAWN Personal Branding workshop conducted by Brandon Maslan of AWE.  One of the action steps that he recommended to take was updating your LinkedIn profile.  He emphasized that your virtual activity will have a major reflection on how you are perceived by a potential employer.   Thus, Google yourself.  Because everyone else does.  Basically, the internet has taken over the world and everyone is plugged in at least 33% of the time.

Undeniably, in today’s social media obsessed world your digital presence is extremely important to the design and promotion of your personal brand.  Having a blog is one of the ways that you can manage what people read, know, and even see about you, manage the perception of the outside world.  Unfortunately, you can create beautiful accounts on all the possible social media sites, but there will be no traffic.  Just like there is no traffic on this site.  Personally, I do not see it as a problem, since I am not too concerned with the quantity of exposure, more with the quality of the content and my passion for the subject.

If you really do care about the volume of your exposure and the wideness of your reach, there are many ways to find the right audience and to engage them enough to keep them coming back.  My amazingly talented sister has published a post on Random Llamas that provides a comprehensive summary of the countless steps you  can take to channel traffic for your site and to facilitate social media engagement.

Looks like you’ve got a long list of action items.  Let’s get ready to grind and to watch those stats explode.


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