The Challenge of Reading: #GILRBOSS

Treat your thoughts like your dollar bills: don’t waste them. – Sophia Amoruso

Realizing that people do not read actual books much nowadays, I do not tend to recommend them often. Even I have been slowly converting into the world of audio books. However, this one – “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso – is a brilliant exception.

What makes it exceptional?girlboss

  1. Easy to read
  2. Easy to follow and comprehend
  3. Fabulous advice applicable to real life

Because the book is written as a story, it is super easy to read. I have read it in five days. I have to say – it was hard to put it down. I got it at the library on Saturday. By Sunday night I was half way through. But I must warn – it is not rated PG. Sophia does not shy away from all kinds of four letter words. On the other hand, it is probably one of the things that makes it so relatable. Another thing that helps you connect with the author is the fact that she is not afraid to be vulnerable. The story is extremely personal and the details shared are very deep.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am obsessed with all things fashion, and I am a huge fan of impeccable style. This book definitely piqued my interest because it touches on the reality of fashion. They say that it is practically impossible to break into the fashion industry. So it was fascinating to read how Sophia started with nothing – literally – no experience, no education, no connections, no plan, no capital. She learned by empirical methods – by experiment and observation – by trial and error. She learned from every step she took on her journey of life and every experience she was granted. And the most admirable thing about it – she does not complain about any of it. She owns it. She owns who she was and the individual this life made her.

And that’s what this book is really about. It is not simply about finding your personal brand – it is about becoming your own brand. It is about being yourself. It is about find the beauty in being a freak, being different, being unique. It is about not being afraid to be an individual and owning your individuality.

Aside a from a captivating story, the book gives tons of solid feedback and provides advice on all sorts of things – from sole searching to asking for a raise to handling your business in the boardroom. It is possible that the author defined the millennials as her primarily target audience; however, I believe that practically everyone can benefit from reading it. Chapter 8 “On Hiring, Staying Employed, and Firing” is definitely a must read, even for someone who is solid on the career path.

The term “#GIRLBOSS” is used throughout the book to describe the work ethics and standards of the writer as well as some of the people that she works with. Hard to call them as “people who work for her”, since Sophia describes them as her equals. In my understanding, #GIRLBOSS is an attitude – the way you handle yourself and the world around you. It is a philosophy, a set of principles that you lead your life by.

Bottom line, I definitely recommend. Even if you have all your career moves figured out and are able to give career advice to others. Totally worth the time, if only for the entertainment value.

Below are a few more pearls of Sophia’s wisdom to keep you inspired.

  • If you approach everything in your life with a certain degree of intention, you can affect the outcome (pg 125).
  • Knowing when to speak up and when to shut up will get you very far not only in business, but in life (pg 160).
  • No amount of money can buy you style (pg 224).
  • Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world (pg 225).
  • Confidence is more attractive than anything you can put on your body (pg 227).
  • Money look better in the bank than on your feet (pg 100).
  • Learn to separate your money from your emotions as much as you possibly can (pg 113).
  • You belong where you want to belong (pg 139).

Have you read this book? What is your impression?



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