The Challenge of Prioritization

Personally, I am no good at storytelling. However, I am able to recognize a good one, when I come across it. This story was shared with me by my good “work friend”. From what I understand based on my attempts to research it, it is somewhat of a virtual urban legend. With no definitive author, it usually goes by the name of “Jar of Life”. Here is the version that I shared with my team.   Continue reading “The Challenge of Prioritization”


The Challenge of Reading: #GILRBOSS

Treat your thoughts like your dollar bills: don’t waste them. – Sophia Amoruso

Realizing that people do not read actual books much nowadays, I do not tend to recommend them often. Even I have been slowly converting into the world of audio books. However, this one – “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso – is a brilliant exception.

What makes it exceptional? Continue reading “The Challenge of Reading: #GILRBOSS”

The Challenge of Storytelling

Success is a journey, not a destination.  – Arthur Ashe

“I love your story.”  To my surprise, I keep hearing this from random people.  I guess I did not realize that I had a story.  But don’t we all have a story? What is the story of Olga Nash?  Since storytelling is a practice of leadership, I think the time is right to tell the story of my quest for excellence.  Continue reading “The Challenge of Storytelling”

The Challenge of Marketing: Find Your Customer

“Understand why you are different and how you help, recognize your target market, and give them something they might not even realize they are missing.” ― Chris Murray, The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club

I think people are more surprised to find out that I am not on Facebook or Tweeter, than that I have never done drugs.  Actually, I just uninstalled an email app from my phone, mainly because I could not remember the last time I used it.   Continue reading “The Challenge of Marketing: Find Your Customer”

Warning: Re-Blogs

Be prepared for quite a few re-blogs.  I do a lot of research on many completely random topics, and at times I get lucky to stumble upon sheer brilliance – an explosive revelation, a fresh point of view, an extraordinary way to describe the ordinary, an opinion that is parallel to mine, a beautifully organized collection, or a genius idea that I forgot to come up with.  It is the excitement of discovery that fuels the sharing impulses.