The Challenge of Prioritization

Personally, I am no good at storytelling. However, I am able to recognize a good one, when I come across it. This story was shared with me by my good “work friend”. From what I understand based on my attempts to research it, it is somewhat of a virtual urban legend. With no definitive author, it usually goes by the name of “Jar of Life”. Here is the version that I shared with my team.   Continue reading “The Challenge of Prioritization”


The Challenge of the Little Things

“Joy comes in sips, not gulps.” – Sharon M. Draper

Today’s writing prompt is “The little things”.

The longer I live the more I become convinced that it is the little things that matter most. Because all big things are comprised of multiple little things. Continue reading “The Challenge of the Little Things”

The Challenge of Reading: #GILRBOSS

Treat your thoughts like your dollar bills: don’t waste them. – Sophia Amoruso

Realizing that people do not read actual books much nowadays, I do not tend to recommend them often. Even I have been slowly converting into the world of audio books. However, this one – “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso – is a brilliant exception.

What makes it exceptional? Continue reading “The Challenge of Reading: #GILRBOSS”

The Challenge of Storytelling

Success is a journey, not a destination.  – Arthur Ashe

“I love your story.”  To my surprise, I keep hearing this from random people.  I guess I did not realize that I had a story.  But don’t we all have a story? What is the story of Olga Nash?  Since storytelling is a practice of leadership, I think the time is right to tell the story of my quest for excellence.  Continue reading “The Challenge of Storytelling”

The Challenge of Marketing: Find Your Customer

“Understand why you are different and how you help, recognize your target market, and give them something they might not even realize they are missing.” ― Chris Murray, The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club

I think people are more surprised to find out that I am not on Facebook or Tweeter, than that I have never done drugs.  Actually, I just uninstalled an email app from my phone, mainly because I could not remember the last time I used it.   Continue reading “The Challenge of Marketing: Find Your Customer”

The Challenge of Inspiration

We all have days when we need additional inspiration other than intrinsic.    Continue reading “The Challenge of Inspiration”

Warning: Re-Blogs

Be prepared for quite a few re-blogs.  I do a lot of research on many completely random topics, and at times I get lucky to stumble upon sheer brilliance – an explosive revelation, a fresh point of view, an extraordinary way to describe the ordinary, an opinion that is parallel to mine, a beautifully organized collection, or a genius idea that I forgot to come up with.  It is the excitement of discovery that fuels the sharing impulses.