1. This is a personal blog.  It is not dependent on or representative of opinions, values and intentions of any person or organization other than my beautiful self.
  2. Thus, the opinions and values expressed on this blog are my own.  Granted, my parents did play some remote role in the formation of those.  So did life.
  3. This blog is published for entertainment purposes only.  Thus, if you make any decisions based on the content of this site, don’t blame me.
  4. Again, this blog is published for entertainment purposes only.  Don’t flatter yourself into thinking that now you know who I am and what you are dealing with, just because you have read a couple of posts.  :P
  5. I reserve the right to change anything that I do not deem perfect, whenever I decide to re-define my interpretation of perfection (or excellence).
  6. I am not responsible for any comments or actions by visitors of this blog.
  7. If you would like any content to be removed, please contact me directly.  Be sure to provide a valid reason for content removal, as personally I am extremely hard to offend.
  8. In turn, it is never my intent to offend anyone (or anything) in any way, shape or form.
  9. Copyright?  Yeah, I definitely wish I could put a stamp of ownership on some of the things I say.  :D
  10. The links to outside content are intended as citations and in hopes to provide the reader with additional resources.  I do not validate data quality.

BOTTOM LINE:  This blog is the narration of my personal journey.  If you need solid career advice, you should find a career coach.  Whatever I am doing is not working even for me.



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