Elevator Pitch

My name is Olga Nash. I am driven by achievement and challenge. I am passionate about making people happy by delivering quality results.

As a self-motivated leader with experience in underwriting, project management, records management governance and compliance, I have a track record of increased responsibility, top-notch performance and impeccable execution, including mastering new functional areas without prior experience or formal training. I have excelled at every job I’ve ever held, and I have the potential to exceed your expectations.  My sharp analytical skills pair up well with my organizational skills to allow me effectively manage and solve your problems.

I am always looking for a new challenge. Since I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and high learning agility, I don’t confine myself to the known realms in this search. I am always ready to learn and grow.

What is the biggest challenge in your organization right now? How can I become a part to the solution?



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