Project Management Experience

@Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Records Management (FRM) Compliance Scorecard Program

March 2012 – June 2014

Farmers Records Management (FRM), Los Angeles, CA

  • Measured and reported the level of compliance of all Mgt Co business units with the enterprise records management policies.
  • Structured and guided execution through the network of over 40 Records Coordinators to meet quarterly deadlines.
  • Designed project plan as well as created supporting documents, process instructions, and webpages.
  • Created and maintained SharePoint record inventories.

Corporate Financial Governance (CFG) User Access Recertification Project

August 2012 – present

Business Integration, Los Angeles, CA

  • Collaborated with CFG to establish and formalize governance process around user access to several enterprise applications.
  • Serve as a liaison between the business side and IT side of the project to ensure compliance with requirements of an outside auditor.
  • Conduct semi-annual audits of user access recertification process to ensure its timeliness and effectiveness from start to finish.
  • Keep project flexible to reconcile findings and enterprise objectives by refining project processes and ensure impeccable execution of deliverables.

Note: This project is now considered to be transferred to production.

MDC Agent Mail Hub Project

September 2012 – August 2013

Business Integration, Los Angeles, CA

  • Took over mid-project and expanded the scope of all workstreams.
  • Kept the project focus flexible to be able to capitalize on all possible solutions.
  • Performed cost/benefit analysis across all alternatives.

Subscription Agreement Project

December 2010 – September 2011

Service Operations, Pocatello, ID

  • Supervised and motivated a team of 10.
  • Ensured compliance of underwriting action with the established requirements.
  • Implemented new ideas and initiatives for project management team.
  • Planned and coordinated team performance and monitored work progress as well as ensured accurate tracking and timely reporting.
  • Promoted consistently high productivity and quality by providing guidance to employees in their daily decision-making and encouraging teamwork.

Operation Garage and California Miles Driven Projects

September 2007 – April 2008

Service Operations, Pocatello, ID

  • Supervised daily work of over 60 temporary employees; motivated, trained and coached the team to promote efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Organized and coordinated workflow to meet deadlines and expectations for both projects simultaneously.
  • Ensured accurate tracking and timely reporting to reveal millions of dollars in uncovered premiums for the enterprise.
  • Took the initiative to lead the underwriting workstream of the implementation.


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