Welcome To My Quest for Excellence!

The main purpose of this professional blog is to establish my personal brand:

– To give you an idea of who I am.
– To give you an idea of what it would be like to work with me.
– To help you see the world through my eyes.
– To help you make the buying decision.
– To create a brand following.

I also have selfish reasons for starting this blog:Olga-Nash-Touched-Up
– To help me explore and develop in as many directions as possible.
– To discover new challenges for myself.
– To stay focused on my career and be prepared for an opportunity.
– To build credibility for my personal
brand and earn an opportunity for the next challenge.
– To establish a network of people who recognize my potential, believe in me, and support me in my quest for excellence.
– To get your candid feedback.
– To track my journey and growth over time.

My blog promise:

  • I will maintain this blog fully professional and keep 99% of my exuberant personality on my personal blog.
  • I will only share things that I personally find valuable and engaging.
  • I will not annoy my followers with frequent posts.  In fact, it may take me months to come up with a topic, conduct relevant research and only then write about it.
  • I will stay true to myself – to my goals, my opinions, my choices.  My morals and values are titanium-solid and will not be compromised under any circumstances.

I am Olga Nash. Welcome to my quest for excellence. Welcome to my quest for challenge.


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